Coronavirus Nutrition & Supplements for Immune System

Doctors recommend improving nutrition with supplements during Coronavirus.


The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted that nutrition and immune support are vital for fighting infection and viruses. A team of health experts have recently published a white paper on the importance of nutrition to support the immune system. It highlights the role of vitamin deficiency among Covid-19 patients. The health professionals have recommended adding supplements to the diet including vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc.


Nutrition for the Immune System

The expert panel of doctors and professors report stresses the importance of nutrition in supporting the immune system for optimal health. It highlights that many people do not have an optimal diet. The expert panel have recommended that the public complement their diet by adding supplements to fill the nutrient gap to help fight viral infections including coronavirus. Supplementation is of particular importance to older people over 65 years old.


Vitamin Deficiency and Coronavirus

Optimal micronutrient status positively impacts the immune system of our bodies, which fights infections. Good nutrition can reduce the risk and severity of virus infections. Suboptimal micronutrient status is a deficiency in nutrients. This negatively affects the immune system, which can reduce resistance to infections.

The white paper highlights deficient levels of micronutrients among Covid-19 patients. This includes vitamin D deficiency, which may contribute to increased risk of respiratory infection including coronavirus.


Coronavirus Respiratory Illness

Coronavirus is a contagious virus that causes a respiratory illness. Covid-19 is transmitted through contact with droplets from close contact with an infected person or contaminated surfaces. The impact of the virus can be particularly severe for older people and those with cardiovascular or lung diseases. Discussing respiratory illnesses, the white paper states there is

“a benefit of vitamin D supplementation for preventing lung tract infections among all age groups” and “vitamin D supplementation reduced the probability for respiratory tract infections”.


Supplements to Fight Covid-19

The study highlighted a number of vitamin deficiencies among the general public. It has recommended adding supplements to the diet as part of the solution. The supplements that have been recommended are vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium.


 1. Vitamin D

With low levels of sunlight, vitamin D deficiency is very common in Ireland and Britain. Our recent article about the benefits and sources of vitamin D, highlights its importance for a properly functioning immune system to fight viruses and infections. Vitamin D is also vital for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

The report states there is

“a deficient or low status in some micronutrients, especially vitamin D, among COVID-19 patients” and “vitamin D supplementation reduced the probability for respiratory tract infections”.

Coronavirus causes respiratory illness, so supplements are vital at this time.

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2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for a healthy immune system to help fight infection. It is essential for good health.

The benefits of vitamin C include building a good metabolism and assisting with immunity. Vitamin C is a key antioxidant that combats infections and helps detoxify the body. It fights free radical molecules and microbial invaders to prevent them causing damage.

The report highlighted that vitamin C deficiency increases an individual’s susceptibility to infections. Therefore, the expert panel of health professionals recommend taking vitamin C supplements.

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3. Zinc

Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system, which helps fight infection. It has been shown to combat viruses such as cold and flu, while also speeding up the healing process of infections within the body.

The white paper highlights that zinc is important as an antiviral defence. It inhibits the entry of viruses into the host cell. The report discusses that zinc deficiency is known to reduce the effectiveness of various immune cells, which can result in negative effects. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there are adequate levels of zinc in the body. This can be achieved with the help of Beeline’s range of zinc supplements. These products include:


4. Selenium

Selenium is a nutritional antioxidant that influences the immune response through its incorporation into selenoproteins. Dietary selenium boosts the immune system to protect the body and can reduce inflammations. Selenium deficiency can result in fatigue, as well as increasing the negative impact of viruses. The report recommends supplementation to avoid this. Selenium can be found in multivitamins. Beeline offer a range of multivitamin supplements, which offer comprehensive nutrition support with 25 key nutrients. These include:


With heightened health risks during the Coronavirus pandemic, the expert panel of doctors and professors recommend a well-balanced diet combined with supplements. Doctors recommend improving nutrition through supplementation to achieve optimal nutrient status. Vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc are very important, especially while living with Covid-19.