Vitamin C + Zinc Chewable Tablets


Beeline Chewable Vitamin C + Zinc Tablets x 30

Beeline Chewable Vitamin C + Zinc Tablets Double Action orange flavour Chewable Tablets. Vitamin C cannot be stored for any length of time in the body so regular intake is important. Beeline Vitamin C + Zinc chewable tablets are for many the product of choice to replace vitamin C lost through colds and flu.

Key Benefits

Helps maintain your body's natural immune resistance.

Supports your immune defence.

Supports the reduction of tiredness fatigue.

Vitamin C increase the absorption of Iron.





Calcium Ascorbate

Vitamin C

Zinc Citrate

Magnesium Stearate

Orange Oil

Silicon Dioxide (Nano)


Nutrition Per Tablet NRV*

Vitamin C 300mg 375%

Zinc 7mg 70%


* NRV= Nutrient Reference Value

These tablet are suitable for Vegetarians


Suggested Daily Usage

Adults and children over 12 years chew 1 to 2 tablets daily.

Additional information

Weight 58 g


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