Vitamin K and Covid-19 Severity

New study shows links between low levels of vitamin K and the severity of covid-19. Could vitamin K2 supplements provide better coronavirus outcomes?

Covid-19 and vitamin k

Research has been conducted to investigate whether vitamin K status is a common characteristic of hospitalised covid-19 patients. A recent study has shown links between low levels of vitamin K and the severity of covid-19. Vitamin K2 supplements can support adequate levels of vitamin K within our bodies.


Vitamin K

Vitamin K contributes to good cardiovascular function, strong healthy bones and also assists our bodies with normal healthy blood clotting to heal wounds and cuts.

Our recent article discusses in depth the role of vitamin K for good health.


Blood Clots

Vitamin D and vitamin K combine to provide better covid-19 outcomes. The combination of vitamins helps with a recurring feature from covid-19 infections called thrombosis, which is the formation of blood clots within a blood vessel. Other studies have also highlighted that vitamin D can help improve coronavirus outcomes.

Vitamin K Research

A new study by Kappa Bioscience was led by Professor Allan Linneberg. It investigated whether vitamin K status could be a common characteristic of hospitalised covid-19 patients.

Vitamin K2 and Coronavirus

The research has highlighted a link between vitamin K and the severity of the disease for covid-19 patients. The study shows that people with low levels of vitamin K could have more severe outcomes from coronavirus.

Lower levels of vitamin K2 have been found in covid-19 patients that require hospitalisation. The observational study also indicates links with higher mortality rates from the virus. On publication of the results, it was stated that:

“Although this association was partly explained by increasing co-morbidity with decreasing vitamin K status, these findings suggest that vitamin K could play a role in the disease mechanisms in COVID-19.”

Vitamin K2 Deficiency

Professor Linneberg suggested the hypothesis that vitamin K deficiency:

“may increase calcification and subsequent degradation of elastic fibres in lung tissue, leading to more severe lung damage in covid-19 patients.”

We get vitamin K from certain types of food, bacteria in the gut and supplements. Low levels or vitamin K deficiency can be caused by either inadequate levels of the vitamin within our diet or inadequate absorption.

This can lead to bruising, excessive bleeding from cuts, heavy period menstrual bleeding in women, blood in your urine or stools and VKDB haemorrhaging in rare instances. The new study also indicates that it could also lead to more severe outcomes from coronavirus.

Vitamin K2 Supplements

Professor Linneberg has called for clinical trials to document the potential benefits of vitamin K2 supplements for coronavirus.

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