The Role of Iron in Vaccine Efficacy

A study shows the importance of iron for vaccine efficacy, and recommends iron supplementation. Iron deficiency has been linked to impaired immunity from vaccines. Watch Professor Luke O’Neill discuss the research.

Iron Deficiency Vaccine Efficacy

A recent study has highlighted the importance of iron for vaccine efficacy. Iron deficiency has been linked to impaired immunity from vaccines. The study recommends iron supplementation. In a recent video, Professor Luke O’Neill discusses how iron deficiency can decrease the efficacy of vaccines.


What is Iron?

Iron is an essential mineral. It is vital for making red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body. It helps combat fatigue, while supporting cognitive function and the immune system.

A properly functioning immune system is important for fighting infections as well as supporting coronavirus vaccine effectiveness.

Vaccine Efficacy

Vaccine efficacy refers to how well a vaccine performs during a controlled trial, such as the recent Covid-19 vaccine trials.

Iron Deficiency and Vaccine Efficacy Research

Recent research points to the critical role of iron in vaccine efficacy. The study supports the intake of iron supplements to improve vaccination results for people who are iron deficient.

Published in Med journal, the author states that “iron deficiency has been linked to impaired humoral immunity to vaccines” and “the importance of serum iron levels for lymphocyte function during vaccination and infection.”

The research provides evidence for the crucial role serum iron plays in response to infection, vaccination and immunity. This study suggests that iron supplementation could be an important strategy to enhance vaccine efficacy in populations where iron deficiency is prevalent. It also highlights the relevance of iron for coronavirus.

Professor Luke O’Neill Covid-19 Vaccination

Speaking on Newstalk about the Covid-19 endgame, Professor Luke O’Neill discusses the results of the recent study about iron, the immune system and vaccine efficacy. The severity of Covid-19 can be worse for people with insufficient iron levels. This is because their immune system is not working as well as it should be. The immune system plays a vital role in vaccination effectiveness. Professor Luke O’Neill states “iron deficiency make vaccines less effective”.

Our bodies need nourishment. In particular, our immune system needs sufficient vitamin D and iron to function properly. The body needs a healthy balanced diet for nourishment, and possibly, an iron supplement with the recommended daily allowance.

Iron Supplements

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Vitamin D

Beeline Healthcare also offer a range of vitamin D supplements for all age groups to provide the recommended daily allowance.