Vitality – Triple Action Nutrition Support for Women


Beeline Vitality Tablets x 30 (Iron, Vitamin D & Folic Acid)

This triple action vitamin supports women’s general health, vitality and wellbeing. It contains key vitamins Iron, Vitamin D and Folic Acid which support brain health, the immune system and contribute to a reduction in fatigue. Folic Acid is also highly recommended for women of childbearing age as it helps prevent neural defects developing in the foetus.

Key Benefits

Reduction of Tiredness & Fatigue - Iron and Folic Acid contribute to the reduction of tiredness & Fatigue and help you perform at your best. Organic Iron is absorbed quickly and is gentle on the stomach.

Folic Acid & Pregnancy - Many pregnancies are unplanned; all women of childbearing age are recommended by the Department of Health to take Folic Acid daily as it helps prevent Neural Tube defects in the foetus. Beeline Vitality provides an optimal supply of Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin D before during and after pregnancy.

Immune Support - Iron, Vitamin D & Folic Acid help support a healthy Immune System.

Brain Health - Iron contributes to normal cognitive function.

Healthy Bones, Muscles & Teeth- Vitamin D contributes to normal bones, muscles and teeth.

Film coated Tablets



Bulking Agent: Cellulose (E 460)

Ferrous Bisglycinate

Bulking Agent: Sorbitols (E 420)

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

Anti-Caking Agents: Polyvinylpyrrolidone (E 1201), Polyethylene Glycol (E 1521)

Thickening Agents: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (E 464), Hydroxypropyl Cellulose (E463)

Bulking Agent: Talc (E 553b)

Medium-Chains Fatty Acids

Colours: Titanium Dioxide (E 171), Iron Oxides and Hydroxides (E 172), Riboflavins (E 101)

Folic Acid

Product may contain Lactose (from Milk)


Nutrition Per Tablet % NRV*

Vitamin D3 25 mcg 500%

Folic Acid 400 mcg 200%

Iron 14mg 100%

* NRV = Nutrient Reference Value


Recommended Daily Intake

Women - 1 tablet per day in the morning.

Additional information

Weight 20 g


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