Back to School Nutrition for Kids and Teens

It is back to school time for children around Ireland. Kids, teenagers and parents need all the support they can get at this busy time of the year. Beeline vitamins, supplements and minerals provide children and parents with that extra support in life.

Back to School

In our recent article about teenage nutrition, we discussed the national survey that highlights that Irish teens are not consuming enough key vitamins and nutrients.

With the return to school, nutrition for teenagers, children and parents is of the utmost importance. Beeline kids and teens supplements are specifically formulated for younger age groups to help ensure that your children get the vitamins and nutrients they need.



Beeline Teenager Vitamin D3 and Multivitamins Tablets is a tailored supplement to help support the nutritional needs of teens for normal growth and development of bones, muscles, teeth and a normal immune system.


Kids Vitamin D3

Beeline Kids Vitamin D3 chewable tablets are an orange flavoured supplement to help children with healthy bones and teeth, as well as immune system and muscle support.

Kids Multivitamins

Beeline Kids Multivitamins and Minerals Effervescent Tablets are a complete multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement tailored for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

Kids Vitamin D3 Pump

Beeline Kids Vitamin D3 Pump is designed for children aged 1 to 12 years old to ensure your child gets the vitamin D3 it needs from an easy to administer pump.


Supplements for Children

All of the above products can be ordered directly from us at the Beeline Healthcare online shop.