Odourless Garlic + ACE Antoxidants Capsules


Beeline Odourless Garlic + ACE capsules x 30

Garlic helps maintain a healthy heart & circulation. Beeline Garlic formula is specially produced to provide the optimum yield of the key substances in Garlic called Allicin and Alliin. Each capsule provides 700 mcg of Allicin and 1500mcg of Alliin which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, a healthy heart and circulation.

One Capsule provides the equivalent of 600mg of fresh garlic.

Beeline Garlic uses the finest quality garlic cloves from France to provide all the health promoting properties in a concentrated Capsule.

The advanced Formula also provides the following beneficial nutrients.

Immune Support: Zinc has been shown to combat cold viruses and speed up the healing of infection.

Antioxidant Protection: Four key antioxidants Vitamins A C & E and Quercetin which are well known for their ability to combat free radicals & which can be harmful in excess.

Heart Health: Folic Acid and Copper. Recent studies have shown that Folic Acid and Copper may have an important role in protecting the heart and thus helping to maintain a healthy heart.



Garlic Clove Dry Extract

(Capsule Shell) Gelatin

Vitamin C

Soy Lecithin

Vitamin E 50%


Folic Acid

Zinc Oxide

Vitamin A

Vegetable Magnesium Stearate

Copper Gluconate

For allergens see ingredients in bold


Nutrition per capsule %NRV

Garlic 600mg **

Alliin 1500mcg **

Allicin 700mcg **

Soy Lecithin 30mg **

Quercetin 20mg **

Copper 1mg 100%

Zinc 10mg 100%

Vitamin C 80mg 100%

Vitamin A 800µg 100%

Vitamin E 12mg 100%

Folic Acid 200µg 100%

*NRV=Nutrient Reference Value

**NRV Not Established


Suggested Adult Daily Usage

Take one capsule Daily with water.

Additional information

Weight 32 g


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