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The common cold can be caused by up to 100 viruses

Boost your immune system with Beeline Vitamin C


There's no cure for the common cold, which affects most of us an average of three times a year, and can be caused by up to 100 viruses!  Our mixed up seasons in Ireland does not help matters either as we constantly get caught in the rain, shiver in summer and get fooled by winter sunshine.  As soon as the tell tale sneezing starts, we scour the medicine cabinet in search of a remedy. The best defence for winter colds, however, is a preventative strategy starting by boosting the immune system with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the chief antioxidants in the body, combating free radical molecules and microbial invaders and working in concert with other antioxidants such as Vitamins E &A.  Vitamin C can destroy bacteria directly and also helps to neutralise bacterial toxins, its primary role is that it boosts our natural defence systems. A daily intake of Vitamin C is essential for healthy gums, teeth, bones, skin and blood vessels. It also promotes the absorption of iron and helps the body to resist infection-an ideal all year round supplement.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) cannot be made by the body and must therefore be supplied in the diet. The main dietary sources of Vitamin C are fruit and vegetables. Numerous surveys have shown that many people do not eat enough fruit & vegetables; also much of the Vitamin C content may be destroyed during storage and during cooking. In the body even more is destroyed by stress, cigarettes (50mg per cigarette) and by external pollutants such as smog and smoke.

Beeline Vitamin C tablets are available nationwide from leading pharmacies such as Boots and McCabes and all major Supermarkets priced from ?3.75 and come in two formats, Vitamin C +Zinc Time Release 550mg tablets. This is a breakthrough formula as it ensures the gradual release of nutrients throughout the day. Zinc has been shown to combat cold viruses and speed up healing of infection, or as Beeline 500mg effervescent tablets which when dissolved in water produces a delicious orange flavoured drink .

3 Simple ways to ward of the common cold


1.       C SENSE: Boost your vitamin C intake and get into the habit of taking your Beeline Vitamin C every morning with Breakfast especially when feeling run down, stressed, busy or during bad weather

2.       TEMPERATURE CONTROL: the extremes of centrally heated homes and offices and the damp, cold weather outside provide the breeding ground for cold and flu viruses. Be sensible, and try to even out these extremes, by appropriate dress

3.       KEEP MOVING: Get in to the gym or try home-based disciplines like Pilates or Yoga or just a good brisk walk. Regular exercise assists in keeping colds at bay and enhances energy levels.

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