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Over 300 research studies confirm that Echinacea reinforces natural defences

The average adult experiences between one and six bouts of the common cold each year and it is estimated that at any given time one in sixty adults suffer from a cold infection. Influenza, whilst not as common, still affects an estimated 10-15 % of the population annually.  Fluctuating moisture levels and temperatures of the autumn and winter can provide an ideal environment for cold and flu proliferation but according to Beeline Healthcare, Echinacea combined with zinc is useful in the prevention of such Winter illnesses. It also helps all important hydration with effervescent tablets that make a great tasting Citrus flavoured drink.

Recognised originally by Indians of the American plains, 300 research studies have confirmed that Echinacea reinforces our natural defences by targeting viral and bacterial invaders. Echinacea has been also shown to prevent and treat upper respiratory infections and vaginal yeast infections. It also speeds recovery time from an infection.

Beeline effervescent tablets have combined the power of Echinacea with Zinc to provide a double action solution to colds and flu.  Zinc is an important mineral and has been shown to combat cold viruses and speed up healing of infection. Zinc also helps prevent germs from binding to the membranes of the nose and throat, reducing the likelihood of infection.  Furthermore, Zinc supports healthy skin and plays an important role in male reproductive health.  One study showed that taking Zinc supplements cut cold symptoms from an average of about 7 days to 4 days. Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body for any length of time and plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Beeline Echinacea is available in 2 formats; Beeline effervescent Echinacea plus zinc which provides a great tasting citrus drink or Beeline Echinacea + Zinc + Vitamin C triple action tablets.  The unique combinations provided in Beeline Echinacea products should help you to avoid the misery of colds and flu and are available nationwide from leading pharmacies such as Boots and McCabes and all major Supermarkets priced from ?4.95 or from

Beeline Healthcare is an Irish Company and is the leading manufacturer and distributor of natural health products in Ireland and in addition, exports to the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain and Poland.

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